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Talking about: Channel Promotion and Brand Building in my country’s Stationery Industry

发布时间: 2021-07-14 10:32

   However, the shortcomings of the old distribution model made the interests of the manufacturers not fully magnified by the sellers. The relationship between the manufacturer and the distributor stays in a simple transaction relationship, and the two parties lack strategic and high-level cooperation and interaction. As a result, the resources of the two parties are not connected and the goal of a common brand in the market cannot be achieved. The significance of the channel reform is to transform the two from a "simple profit relationship" to a "strategic partnership". For a long time, stationery manufacturers have relied on stationery distributors and wholesalers to sell their products. However, the low profits of stationery distributors (retailers) and the weak brand awareness have led to the fact that good ones cannot be better. It also proves that traditional distributors can never afford to establish themselves. Manufacturer brand is an important task, because their philosophy is to operate products that sell better, and do not promote those that do not sell well. As a result, they are unable to promote a full range of products and brand displays for manufacturers, and manufacturers want to highlight their brand characteristics. To achieve high profit and additional growth in the end, it is necessary to promote a full range of products instead of a single product. Therefore, this contradiction cannot be resolved in a short time.

   Regarding the current mainstream distribution channels of office supplies, such as stationery stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, distributors, and large stationery chains, it seems that it is difficult for them to undertake this task. On the other hand, the stationery wholesale market: Obviously, the traditional cultural wholesale market also has an environment that is not good enough. Inadequate management, lack of publicity and other issues, these methods that are not suitable for the competitive landscape and corporate growth rules will eventually face innovation. But so far, there is no obvious phenomenon telling us that the stationery wholesale market is declining. On the contrary, many stationery manufacturers developed and expanded from the documentary approval. In reality, it can be seen that the stationery wholesale market is changing from large-scale stationery wholesale. The market has gradually evolved into a large-scale office stationery retail store with Chinese characteristics. The scattered tenants in it have gradually become self-operated flagship display stores by various office supplies manufacturers, which will eventually develop into a place for direct competition between manufacturers.

   Stationery manufacturers want to successfully build and promote their brands, and they still have to be certain about the development of the stationery wholesale market. In the future brand building, more channels should be promoted.