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Proportion of China's office stationery product consumption market

发布时间: 2021-07-14 10:33

The consumer market for office stationery products in China is mainly concentrated in the coastal economically developed areas, of which about 70% are concentrated in 5 regions of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Beijing. The specific distribution ratios are 17.5% in Zhejiang, 18% in Jiangsu, 7.8% in Shanghai, and Beijing. 12.5% in Tianjin, Hebei and Shandong, 7.00% in Shandong and Henan, 5.8% in Fujian and Anhui, 5.5% in Hunan, Jiangxi, and Hubei, 4.5% in the three eastern provinces, and 6.9% in other regions. There are 8 million enterprises, 200 million students, government agencies and other huge consumer groups. In recent years, China’s stationery market has grown at an average annual rate of 12%. It is expected that China’s stationery market will grow at an annual rate of 5%-10%. Speed growth, the prospects of China’s stationery consumer market are very broad